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Old 11-21-2005, 10:57 AM
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Ok folks, I have reached the maximum file size for POWWEB allowable uploads of text files in phpmyadmin. To put it another way, based on what phpmyadmin tells me I can upload with regard to a CSV file size in any one table, the max size is 15,360KB.

I tried a few hours ago to upload a file size of 15,720KB (the size my PC said it was), a file that had 43,000+ links in it, but it did not take it. That bad part is, I waited 11 minutes of it actually uploading to find out that it was too big

Anyway, so now, I dumped some links, and came up with a CSV file that has 42,000 links in it, and it took it. My PC says this file is 15,257KB, and phpmyadmin took it.

phpmyadmin shows these totals for data/index sizes:

Data 15,415 KB
Index 11,320 KB
Total 26,735 KB

Again, this is 42,000 links!

The thing is, I am sharing this info so folks can get a rough estimate of how many links can be saved into one CSV file, as built/collected using POWERMARKS. Your actual mileage may vary

I have to assume (actually, I KNOW), some of my links have no keywords and/or description, and some have way to many keywords, or very long descriptions.

So, with 42,000 links, I can also assume, that the numbers above will almost accurately reflect what most people will be able to expect from collecting links with POWERMARKS, as the *average* is based on so many links, from so many different websites, some cooking, some automotive, some educational, etc. etc. (a very dilluted and varied cross section of the content from the net).

The point is, every link entry can have keywords, and a description, as collected from the website's meta tags. Some webmasters as we all know, go overboard with keywords, and even descriptions, and so any one entry could be stuffed to the hilt with excess "data", and take up more room in your table. BUT, other links have no "data" at all, other than the link itself, and the title.

So if you were to average it all out, mathimatically, I believe 42,000 links is enough dillution to reflect what almost everyone can expect, which is 42,000 links or so in a 15.3MB file.

My next attempt, is to keep adding links to powermarks, and then split the file in two, and upload them both, and see if I can get beyond 42,000 links in a mysql database.

I hope this rambling is helpful to someone, and makes sense


p.s.- if anyone knows a way I can APPEND a CSV file to my mysql db, using phpmyadmin, please let me know ok? Thank you!

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Old 11-23-2005, 11:33 PM
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Hi, if you have access to shell try...
# make a backup ( # capitalizations represent your database information shell> mysqldump -h HOST -u USER -p --opt DATABASE TABLE > search.sql # import a backup ( # capitalizations represent your database information shell> mysql -h HOST -u USER -p DATABASE < search.sql
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