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09-06-2005, 04:50 PM
Winston, somewhere I remember you writing that you planned to increase the number of searchable colums, right?

(line 65 of configure.php:
db_col variables define the database columns TO SEARCH - only 3 columns for search )

Will this be a "MOD" or a whole new version to update?

I am hoping for at least one more column to search, so as to add a "category" word to each row :)

For example, one link entry (row) might be to a website pertaining to soap making, I could add "soaper" as a category word in column 4, as Powermarks has extra fields to, already to add more data to tdSearch, how cool is that? :cool:

I think I would have to use unique words as "category words" though, obviously, as "soaper" is pretty common, and may already be ni the keywords of many link entries(rows). So, maybe naming it "tsoapers" or "zsoapers", where ALL "category words" would get a "Z" before them, that way someone could search for ALL links pertaining to soap making in one search! (smile).


09-06-2005, 05:45 PM
Haven't tested it, but you should be able to simply add more $db_col variables ($db_col[3], $db_col[4], etcetera) to search on extra columns.

Should you want to show extra content onscreen using the $db_show variables ($db_show[5], $db_show[6], etcetera) then code changes are needed.

09-06-2005, 06:08 PM
OH WOW!!!!!!!!

That is GREAT news Winston, I don't need any extra onscreen stuff, just one or two more search columns, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


12-04-2005, 07:10 PM
It just occurred to me, it might help others for me to explain WHY I think being able to search an extra column or two would be helpful :) (without the need to actually display the data in the extra columns).

In Powermarks, there are extra areas to add info, such as the "users" area, and the "notes" area. I haven't "tested" this yet, but I'm sure that when you update links in Powermarks, those two "fields" or areas, are NOT changed, or updated.

This is important, because if you want to weight a link, or make it show up more and you add more keywords, the next update will change what you added in the description and keyword areas. So, if you add *permanent* data in the users field/area, and/or the notes field/area, those stay unchanged, I believe. So, to be able to search those extra fields/areas, is great for the overall searchability of a link.

You will not only have what the website owner puts into his/her meta tags, but what you want to add as well, and again, as I have mentioned somewhere here in these forums, the keywords are NOT ever displayed, so you can help certain links show up more, and not offend other link owners.

For example, I collect a lot of soap maker related links, and try to be fair, and unbiased, by adding links to websites I do not personally agree with or like, just as long as they are family friendly. I try to believe everyone has the right to open an online store/website, no matter how crappy it may be!

Well, maybe "XYZ Soap Supplies" has a way better website, and obviously spends a lot of time paying attention to detail, such as spelling, punctuation, and detailed information about their products. Maybe I WANT their link to show up MORE, or higher in the search results! They deserve it right?

So, I go to their website, and see many more products listed, that aren't really reflected in their keywords. They might carry 3 kinds of coconut oil, but only mention coconut oil once as a keyword.

Maybe they have different kinds of bottles, and other products, that are NOT reflected in the keywords. I'll add the 3 specific coconut oil names that they actually carry, and some of the actual bottle names, to the notes, and or users field, and maybe add the words "coconut oil" an extra time or two!

So, let's look at this, their ORIGINAL keywords might be:

"soap, making, supplies, essential oils, butters, cocoa, shea, coconut oil, bags, bottles, fragrances, recipes"

BUT, because I LIKE this website, I change the keywords to:

soap, making, supplies, essential oils, butters, cocoa, shea, coconut oil, bags, bottles, fragrances, recipes, fractionated coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, 76 degree coconut oil, soap recipes, food recipes, amber bottles, cobalt blue bottles, caps, lids, 8oz, 4oz

I will add these ALL to the keywords area, AND the notes and user fields/areas! This way, even if an update by Powermarks changes the meta tag version of keywords next update, MY keywords will still be there, AND be searchable! See?

Then, when I export my link collection as a CSV text file from Powermarks, all of my changes or additions/notes, will be included in the CSV file, and I can import them into the MySQL database via phpmyadmin, where they will be searchable, but NOT displayed!

I will have to change my mysql database though, by adding a new FIELD to my table, that can accept the new exported data from Powermarks.

I'll be experimenting with this soon, and will post all that I find here!

I hope this helps others, and isn't too confusing ;)